Get to Know an Agent in Attendance: Justin Wells of Corvisiero Literary Agency

Screen Shot 2016-11-26 at 8.31.16 PM.pngJustin Wells is a jr. literary agent with Corvisiero Literary Agency.

He is seeking:

  • Middle grade: fantasy, science fiction, paranormal, adventure, and historical fiction.
  • Young adult: fantasy, science fiction, paranormal, adventure, historical fiction, contemporary, and dystopian.
  • New adult: contemporary romance.
  • Adult fiction: fantasy, science fiction, historical fiction.

From a young adult book blogger, to an aspiring publishing professional. Justin started his journey five years ago when he started his blog which grew far beyond what he had originally thought it ever would. If you had asked him then, he would have never imagined just how much his journey would impact his future.

Outside of reading and work, Justin enjoys to be outside. Growing up in rural southeast Missouri hiking, climbing around on cliffs, and finding amazing places out in the middle of nowhere to explore and escape the world and just be able to enjoy the world around him has always been a big part of his life. Although it is usually pretty rare that he gets a lot of time to do those things anymore, but for someone that loves to stay busy he is completely okay with that.

When it comes to reading, he is very open. His main focus is young adult, middle grade, and new adult, though he has been known to branch out and explore other books that catch his eye.

If Justin finds a great fantasy book, you can expect him to be lost in the book for hours. Fantasy is by far his favorite genre, with science fiction and contemporary pulling up a close second. There is something about being caught up in a world that has been created from the ground up with an epic journey, magic, dangerous creatures, and all of the other amazing things that often come up in the world of fantasy that keeps Justin always coming back for more.


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