Get to Know an Agent in Attendance: Rebecca Bugger of Serendipity Literary Agency

Screen Shot 2016-11-26 at 1.26.43 PM.pngRebecca Bugger is a literary agent with Serendipity Literary Agency.

Rebecca began her literary career as a ghostwriter, helping her clients create books–in a myriad of genres–that sell, ultimately producing more than 500 successful projects. Within her career, she has written and edited with Guinness World Record holders, athletes and coaches from the NCAA, NBA, MLB, MLS, NFL, NHL, and the Premier League.  She has also consistently worked with a handful of motivational speakers that have gone on to produce best-selling books nationally and internationally. Finally, she has helped several celebrities, actors, and musicians produce their first written works.

After freelancing for many years and guiding her clients through the process of securing an agent or self-publishing, she decided to jump the fence and begin her next adventure as a Junior Agent with Serendipity.  Rebecca’s experience working directly with the writer gives her an edge when it comes to agenting–it has taught her the importance of building a strong collaborative team, and, as a result, she has created long-term working relationships with all of her clients.

What She’s Looking For:

Rebecca is currently seeking nonfiction projects (narrative, memoir, investigative) that are related to fitness, nutrition, health and wellness, sports (especially those with a psychological spin), youth sports, theology, military, and politics. She also has an avid interest in any projects related to musical theater, Broadway, touring Broadway, and off-Broadway. Within all of these categories, she has a specific interest in projects that hold the potential for additional branding opportunities.

For fiction, she is currently interested in adult literary fiction, suspense and realism-based horror. No fantasy, erotica, gushy romance, or dystopian microcosms.

She seeks books written by athletes, actors, journalists, politicians, and musicians.

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