Get to Know an Agent in Attendance: Leanne Tavares of Metamorphosis Literary

Screen Shot 2018-11-13 at 2.32.20 PM.pngLeanne Tavares is a literary agent with Metamorphosis Literary.

​She is seeking: new ways to fall in love. Romance in all age groups and genres sits high on her list, followed closely by women’s fiction and contemporary stories in both adult and young adult. Sports stories of any kind are welcomed and encouraged. Extra credit to stories based near Boston, MA and/or feature a diverse cast. Leanne is not a great fit for thrillers/mysteries or historical fiction at this time.

When she’s not chasing her spirited toddler, Leanne can be found working on her own novels or lost in the pages of one from her crowded bookshelf. A lover of adventure, music and athletics, she has a weakness for stories that include any of those elements – add a little romance and you’ve found the way to her heart. Fewer things in life make her happier than family, coffee and of course a story with a strong hook, unique voice and ending that leaves her wanting more.


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