Get to Know an Editor in Attendance: Heather Cashman of Entangled Publishing

Screen Shot 2018-11-13 at 2.29.54 PM.pngHeather Cashman is an editor with Entangled Publishing.

She and Entangled are seeking: “We’ll take anything in the young adult realm that has a high concept. We are also interested in romance, women’s fiction, political thrillers (even ones without a romance), and small town romances for our Bliss line.”

After working as a professional editor for Cornerstones Literary US/UK and managing Pitch Wars and #PitMad, Heather now assists Stacy Cantor-Abrams at Entangled Publishing. Because of her diverse background working for agents, editors, published authors, and mentoring, Heather also freelance edits. In her free time, she loves road trips, kayaking, hiking, and of course, writing novels–always with a speculative element from her days working as a biochemist.


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