Get to Know an Agent in Attendance: Maeve MacLysaght of Copps Literary Service

Maeve MacLysaght is a literary agent with Copps Literary Services.

In the summer of 2015, an intern showed up on the doorstep of a boutique literary agency and talked Elizabeth Copps into letting her stay. Several years later, having worked across the publishing industry and several coasts in foreign rights, sales, production, and most recently as an agent at Ladderbird Literary, Maeve MacLysaght has once again landed on the doorstep–this time at Elizabeth’s persuading.

Maeve is a queer ex-classicist based in Oakland, CA. As an agent at Ladderbird Literary and now at CLS, her list is dedicated to increasing the amount of queer and BIPOC joy in the world.

What Maeve is looking for: Maeve seeks genre-blending commercial queer Fiction in YA/MG/Adult/Graphic Novels with a particular focus on BIPOC authors and authors of marginalized identities.

She is NOT looking for nonfiction, genre fiction that perpetuates the racist, colonial, imperialistic, sexist, ableist tropes of the past, non-intersectional representation; no victories at the expense of another group, or low stakes, excessive realism.


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