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Get to Know an Agent in Attendance: Haley Casey of Creative Media Agency

Haley Casey is a literary agent with Creative Media Agency.

Haley has always had a special place in her heart for stories, but it was when she wrote her first chapter book in fifth grade that her true love of literature was realized. In 2015, she graduated from The University of Kansas with a bachelor’s degree in creative writing, and that fall, she attended the Denver Publishing Institute. She began her full-time career at Ogden Publications, where she was an editor for four years. There she worked with a variety of authors across multiple magazines, wrote articles, edited podcasts, and even styled photos—anything to add some creativity to her days. In 2020, she interned at Metamorphosis Literary Agency and Creative Media Agency, Inc. before stepping into her role as a associate agent at CMA. She also manages the digital arm of the company. Haley is actively building her list, and is ready to assist her authors in achieving their publishing goals.

In adult fiction & nonfiction, she seeks:

In Young Adult, she seeks:

In Middle Grade, she seeks:

I especially love anything that focuses on minority voices, including POC, LGBTQ+, disability, and mental health issues. Send me thoughtful and meaningful magical realism for any age group; manuscripts with nuanced character relationships; unique urban fantasies; clever fairytale retellings; and reimagined classics (such as Jane Austen or The Count of Monte Cristo).

I’m not looking for children’s chapter books or graphic novels, and for adults, I’m not the best champion for political thrillers, high fantasy novels, or satire. In nonfiction, please don’t send me biographies, self-help and how-to manuscripts, or religious, scientific, and academic texts.


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